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YEAR 1994

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October 1994
Birth of BTA - Bollettino Telematico dell'Arte
Sperimental prototype of telematic Art magazine coordinated by Stefano Colonna Ph.D., edited and written by students of University of Rome " La Sapienza " Art History Institute with partecipation of professors and others collaborators.

November 10th 1994
Start of collaborations with "Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea" (Lab-Museum of Contemporary Art) of University of Rome " La Sapienza".
First project of interactive virtual exhibition by Stefano Colonna Ph.D., coordinator of BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art, in the catalogue of the Luca Patella exhibition in the Lab-Museum

November 23th 1994
Meeting of Luca Patella with the students organized by Veronica Briganti, Gianni Fallacara e Francesco Scura curators of the Project Bla Bla Blart of BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art.

December 31th 1994
In the Internet Webserver of Mclink three virtual exhibition about Andrea Bazan , Daniele Bollea and Luca Patella by Andreana Saint Amour di Chanaz and Laura D'Andria.

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