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Title BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art
Key-word BTA
Project Code 05
Type Special Project
Status To be realized
Approval Board of Directors'Assembly n. 6, March 6th 1997
Start Date March 6th 1997
Stop Date -
Responsible dr. Stefano Colonna
Vice-responsible Caterina Bracaglia
Targets To promote BTA - Telematic Bulletin of Art, a prototype of telematic magazine of Visual Arts conceived, founded and edited by Stefano Colonna, with articles by the students of the Institute of History of Art of the University of Rome " La Sapienza " and by others contributors
Results obtained Purchased the following hardware: 1 hard disk UWSCSI 4,5 GB; 2 modems USR X2 technology, etc. Subscribed Internet accounts.
Notes -

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